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Breastfeeding in Public

Excellent nurser, right from the start

This will be quick.

Breastfeeding in public. Yes? No?

In a conversation with a friend just the other day, we noted that we are in a unique position, in this day and age, of realizing the responsibility we have as educators – all of us. We know that we learn from history. We know that keeping secrets, covering up, hiding, are old-school methods of “dealing with it in private” that do not educate or promote change. I am for promoting health, happiness, the betterment of our society. I believe strongly that in breastfeeding my child, I am creating a healthy human being who has a strong defense against diseases, cancers, and obesity, as well as having a high IQ. As a mother for whom breastfeeding was a success, I choose to educate about breastfeeding simply by doing it. As is my right, as is my baby’s right, I do it when he is hungry. I never know where I’ll be.

At a Pumpkin Festival. I'm facing the highway, separate from me by a fence. Truth be told, I was so proud to be nursing at this public event, I longed for a honk to encourage me.

I do it.

I take pictures so he'll know he was breastfed, that I was proud to breastfeed, in the hope that he will not feel any misgivings about encouraging breastfeeding for his own children.

You should too.

Nursing burns at least 500 calories a day. Doesn't mean it has to look like it. But it can be exhausting, physically. I get sleepy while I nurse. I read, knit, watch TV... I keep a tray beside me for water, remotes and books. You should too!

I could list all the statistics that show breastfeeding is indeed the successful invention of evolution that breastfeeding advocates claim, and that anything other than breastmilk is an inferior product. However, statistics will not dictate your choice.  If nursing is a functioning option and you choose otherwise, then no amount of research will decide for you. You will do what you want to do. But breastfeeding is made for your baby. That’s why I nurse.

Watch me.

I show less of my cleavage than a low cut shirt or a bikini. I show less of my breasts than an episode of CSI or Baywatch. Breasts are sexual; sex makes babies; breasts feed babies.

This is normal. This is for the shortest period of a long life. It’s food. Health. For you & him or her.

Toddlerhood makes for a lot of jumping, rolling, climbing, stopping, starting. I call it "eXtreme Nursing." It can make me sooooo tired.

Even when I’m not in the mood, I’ll lift my shirt, take out my boob and feed my baby…because he’s HUNGRY.

The average age, wordwide (the average - the middle mean), for self-weaning completely, is 4.2 years. It will protect me from breast cancers and other cancers; it will protect your daughter from the same; it will provide antibodies, health, strong jaw structure, and a connection to you that most nursing moms find difficult to describe. When my son is ready to wean, I'll let him tell me.

As a nursing mom, I am an educator. Every time I feed my baby and a woman walks by and sees me, she is seeing a healthy, loving, and nourishing moment. To the women who look at me, and smile, and say “I remember those days,” thank you. To the women who look and are embarrassed or turn quickly away, I thank you too. And I hope you remember it, and it becomes not-embarrassing – not because you had a baby or because you learned it can be more awkward to turn away so quickly – but because you saw it again, and again, and again.


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