Update: Whiter!

March 5, 2010 at 10:55 am 1 comment

A few days after writing my previous post, we started brushing Lil Guy’s teeth two ways. First, I put a thin layer of Oravive paste on a Safety First finger brush then brush his teeth. I follow up by giving him his own toothbrush to use with Spry Tooth Gel on it. I try to do that at least twice a day, but admit this doesn’t always happen. It does happen at least ONCE.

I also have been giving him cod liver oil. We got the liquid made by Twinlabs. It tastes as you’d expect: fishy (which is ‘ew’ to me), but Lil Guy loves it, so it is never a problem getting him to swallow two spoons of it (by spoon, I mean the baby plastic spoons). The cod liver oil came into use by reading Cure Tooth Decay by Ramiel Nagel. It is also a staple of the Weston Price diet (also known as a ‘traditional diet’), which focuses on healthy fats, pastured meats, fermented grains and raw dairy.

By doing these three things (Oravive, xylitol and cod liver oil), I cannot believe it, but I can report that my son’s teeth are whiter. For two weeks, I was saying “less brown,” but I noticed today that the brown color is nearly gone and now exists only on the top of the teeth rather than continuing on down the center as they once did. There is definitely discoloration, sort of gra, as if he has lint on them, but definitely not brown. I am hoping this is a sign of remineralization.

I cannot report on the hardness of his teeth. I am not about to check. However, I recently learned that if your little one has cavities and a dentist goes in his mouth with a metal pic to test the hardness of his teeth, DO NOT let them do it. This practice can cause more problems by carrying the infection further into the tooth and can also cause the tooth to crumble, thereby also crumbling hopes of remineralization. Two pediatric dentists on the veryyoungkidsteeth Yahoo! group state that this exploration is a dangerous practice. I believe them.

Last week, I found that amazon.com is now selling MI Paste in two flavors: mint and strawberry. This is the topical paste for remineralization made with cow proteins. I will be purchasing some shortly.

I will post photos of before and after shortly. As I am also writing this on my iPod, I will update shortly with links.

Next up: breastfeeding in public and my thoughts. Here’s an idea of what I think of it:


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  • 1. ameoba in the sea  |  April 15, 2010 at 2:56 pm

    Used the MI paste. Great results within the first few minutes. Amazing. thank you so much for the recommendation.


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